How it all began...

I’m lucky enough to live just a couple of miles from a quirky little town that time seems to have forgotten on the eastern coast of Florida and I take advantage of this luck as often as possible with long walks on beautiful beaches. You won’t find big hotels, thrill rides or crowds here. Instead, you will see a town full of people who are passionate about their little slice of the eastern Florida coast, especially the dunes, beaches and the sea turtles who come here year after year to nest. The only downside, besides hurricanes, is that I see on an almost daily basis, the amount of litter on the beach with straws and cigarette butts being the most common. It gets frustrating to see straws along the tide line on a daily basis, and I wanted to do my part to clean my beach, but how? I was just as guilty as everyone else of grossly over-using straws. Every drink at a restaurant comes with a new one. I even had a jar of straws on my kitchen counter that I used to drink my protein shake every morning. Hmm……? What to do? Then it hit me – GLASS straws!! Borosilicate glass is durable, dishwasher safe, and best of all – I could make my own! I hope you join me in reducing our footprint and keeping straws off our beaches and away from wildlife.


Warm Wishes,


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